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Services Offered

As a alternative Catholic Community St. Francis  offers all liturgical services in the Catholic tradition ​.

All are welcome to  share in word and at the table. We seek to serve those who call themselves recovering Catholics or Christians or who are seeking a new and different understanding of their faith and spirituality.

Call today if you need assistance 1-631-538-4564

Catholic Wedding Officiant
Comfort in Times of Loss and Suffering



The celebration of marriage is offered to all those who come freely to marry and wish to share their love and commitment in a prayerful celebration. Couples who seek to be married will partake in a pre ceremony session whereby the couple journeys in reflecting on the mystery and power of love and commitment which they already share. The couple is invited to participate in the planning of their ceremony of marriage.  For more information please click the logo above and review my page and what others have had to say about their ceremonies which I have performed. Right click for The Knot and open in new tab to view my page or go to

Commitment ceremonies are also offered for those who want to have their relationship celebrated but who cannot get married at this time.




 Prayer In Time of  Loss 

Loss is often painful and can be alientaing. When we grieve the loss of a relationship, pet, or person through death we need the healing prayers of a community to help us mend our broken hearts.  No one should ever be denied the blessing and prayers of the community because of one's past life.   Often people feel estranged from their religious communities and still in need of prayers for their loved ones.

We offer prayers at the funeral home to comfort those who have lost someone dear to their lives. 

We offer prayers for those who have lost their pets. 

We offer prayers for those who are mourning a loss through divorce or separation

We offer prayers for those who want to remember their loved one  on an anniversary or special day be it in the home or at the cemetery. 


Spiritual Renewal and Wellness Retreats

Wellness Days

We all need time to step back and reflect on our life. Wellness Days are times when we gather  to reflect on the divine presence of love within us and how we are growing in that love. ​By sharing our experince with each other we come to grow in our awareness of the divine and how the divine is living in others. Jesus said where two or three are gathered in my name there am I in their midst so when we gather for our days of wellness we are renewed in the universal spirit of love who dwells within each of us.

Our Wellness Days address recovery topics and themes, ways to deepen one's spirituality, learning tools to use in our busy daily lives which can keep us centered in the Divine Presence. Each of us is called to nuture the gift of life which is within us since our birth. Wellness Days are a time to nuture and cultivate the seed of faith within our hearts and to become connected to others who are on a similar spiritual journey


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