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St. Francis Community
of Faith For All People

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Come Home for Christmas. We are waiting for you. There is a seat at the table awaiting your return or first time sharing with us.


Our world seems to be filled with so much suffering from the wars to the community unrest to the violence in our streets and homes. So many have given up on the Divine because of the suffering in the world or their lives. What if there was another understanding of the Divine than what we were indoctrinated in? What if we believed in a Divine Presence of Love that resides in all people? What if we could spend one hour a week feeling loved and affirmed and validated and cared for? Well, what are you waiting for?


We at St. Francis Community of Faith for want you to come and share with us this joyous Advent and Christmas season. Don't let your past or current lifestyle keep you from feeling the healing love of the Divine found in prayer, fellowship, and the Eucharist. Maybe you have been disillusioned by your faith community or you have been told you are not welcome and been excluded from the table of the Eucharist or maybe you feel that you need a new community to support you and listen to you. We want you to know we want you home and we will set a place at our Eucharistic Table for you where all are welcome, and none are ever judged.


There is no reason for anyone to feel estranged from the love and healing of the Divine because of some past act or manmade rule or regulation. Our Divine is bigger than any regulation or stipulation or even denomination.


We have mass each week either on Saturday at 5 PM or Sunday at 10AM. Our Saturday evening liturgy is usually live at a local church who has welcomed us to celebrate our liturgy. All masses are recorded and can be found on our website page Services on Video. Our Sunday liturgy at 10 AM is always on Zoom.


We invite you this Advent Season to join us live at Mass on December 2nd and the 16th both at 5PM at 1845 Wantagh Ave. Wantagh NY. On December 24th and 25 at 10 AM at Zoom. Zoom links can be found on the website page Saturday Vigil/Sunday Mass Link

 Why not join us and tell us what you think. Visit our website to find out more about us and for zoom links as well as the mass times and locations.

All are always welcome, never any judgements just love!

I will be waiting at our front door for you.


Peace and Blessings

Bishop Ken

Pastor and Spiritual Guide

St. Francis Community of Faith for All People


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